Manage users in WordPress

This tutorial will show you how to manage users in WordPress.

manage users in WordPress

1) Click to expand the Users options, located in the left sidebar.
manage users in WordPress

2) Click Add New.
WordPress Cloud

3) Enter a Username.
WordPress Web

4) Enter the user’s Email address.
WordPress CMS

5) Type in the user’s First Name here.
WordPress Content Management System

6) Type the user’s Last Name here.
WordPress CMS Hosting

7) Scroll down.
WordPress Cloud

8) Choose a password for this user and enter it twice. Click Add User.
WordPress Hosting

9) To delete a user, click the Delete link under the appropriate name.
WordPress Cloud

10) Click Confirm Deletion.
WordPress Web

The user has been deleted.
WordPress CMS

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to manage users in WordPress.

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