About Fastdot

Fastdot has delivered world-class hosting services to businesses of all sizes since 2004. With an international reach, Fastdot has been able to deliver Cloud products that meet their customers global requirements. Fastdot’s core products include Cloud Shared Hosting and Cloud VPS Hosting.

Key Takeaways

  • Full-service, Cloud Hosting company.
  • Fast-growing company since 2004.
  • Four strategic locations world-wide.
  • Expert Support Team.

Leading Cloud Infrastructure

Fastdot leverages enterprise-class Cloud Infrastructure to power its service offering, including: AWS Amazon Web Services serves hundreds of thousands of customers in more than 190 countries and is expanding their data center facilities every day. Fastdot leverages Amazon’s high-performance infrastructure to deliver web hosting on a global scale. VMware Fastdot’s VMware Cloud architecture allows us to run a fully integrated cloud solution; incorporating SAN storage, enterprise-grade compute nodes and associated cloud features, such as HA (High Availability), autoscaling and much, much more.

Global Reach

With Fastdot, customers are able to reach a wider audience with unparalleled speeds across the US and Europe, with strategically placed locations spanning: