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With a workflow this smooth, you’ll have tons of time to create new business. Web Design involves a lot of moving pieces. That’s why we created a simple platform that makes it a breeze to build WordPress sites, collaborate with clients, and seamlessly offload the finished product, all from the same place.

“WordPress is the perfect content management software to create  beautiful websites and blogs. “

$9.95per month
  • One Web Site
  • Disk Space: 5GB
  • Bandwidth: 50GB
  • Databases: 1
  • Parked Domains: 1
  • Email Accounts: 5
  • WordPress One-Click Installer
  • Local Australian Support
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding
  • Free SSL Certificate
$19.50per month
  • One Web Site
  • Disk Space: 10GB
  • Bandwidth: 250GB
  • Database: 1
  • Parked Domains: 1
  • Email Accounts: 5
  • WordPress One-Click Installer
  • Local Australian Support
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • WP-CLI and SSH
$59.50per month
  • 10 x Web Sites
  • Disk Space: 50GB
  • Bandwidth: 500GB
  • Databases: 10
  • Parked Domains: 10
  • Email Accounts: 50
  • WordPress One-Click Installer
  • Local Australian Support
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • WP-CLI and SSH

With WordPress Hosting from FASTDOT, you can rest easy that not only are you using the leading content management system to create and manage your website, but that you are also using an Australian provider with a solid local Cloud Infrastructure.

WordPress has been built with full customization in mind, with templates to generate the pages dynamically, so it is very simple to change the look by installing new templates or modifying existing ones. There are thousands of free themes available for WordPress, simply do a search with your favorite search engine to find one that suits you and install it.

What are the important points about WordPress Hosting

FASTDOT’s WordPress hosting is optimized specifically for WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). As a website developer and server administrator, understanding the key aspects of WordPress hosting is crucial for providing efficient, secure, and high-performing websites to your clients. Here are the important points about WordPress hosting:

1. Optimization for WordPress:

  • Server Configuration: Our WordPress hosting servers are configured specifically for WordPress, which significantly improve site performance and loading times.
  • Caching: Advanced caching solutions are implemented in all our hosting packages to enhance website speed and efficiency.

2. Ease of Installation and Management:

  • One-Click Install: Many WordPress hosting providers offer one-click installation features, making it easy to set up a new WordPress site.
  • Automatic Updates: Automatic updates for WordPress core, themes, and plugins help in maintaining site security and functionality.

3. Security:

  • WordPress-Specific Security: Enhanced security measures tailored for WordPress, including regular scans for malware and vulnerabilities, and specialized firewalls.
  • Regular Backups: Automated and regular backups ensure data safety and quick recovery in case of data loss or hacking.

4. Scalability:

  • Flexible Plans: Our WordPress hosting plans come with various tiers, allowing you to scale your hosting resources as your website grows.
  • Handling Traffic Spikes: FASTDOT’s WordPress hosting can easily handle sudden traffic spikes without affecting site performance.

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WordPress can be installed instantly and for free using our 1-Click script installer:

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5. Support and Expertise:

  • WordPress-Expert Support: Specialized WordPress hosting providers offer expert support from professionals knowledgeable in WordPress-specific issues.
  • Resource Library: Access to a comprehensive library of guides, tutorials, and forums dedicated to WordPress.

6. Performance and Uptime:

  • High Uptime Guarantees: Reliable WordPress hosting offers high uptime guarantees, ensuring that your website is always accessible to visitors.
  • Performance Monitoring: Continuous monitoring to maintain optimal performance of your WordPress site.

7. SEO Advantages:

  • Fast Loading Speeds: Improved site speed can contribute positively to SEO rankings.
  • SSL Certificates: Many WordPress hosts include free SSL certificates, which is a ranking factor for Google.

8. Developer-Friendly Tools:

  • Staging Environments: Tools for creating staging sites allow developers to test changes without affecting the live site.
  • Access to Development Tools: Access to various development tools like Git, WP-CLI, SSH, and more.

9. Customization and Control:

  • Plugin and Theme Support: WordPress hosting supports a wide range of plugins and themes for customization.
  • Control Panels: User-friendly control panels for managing your WordPress site, databases, email, and more.

10. Email Hosting:

  • Integrated Email Solutions: All FASTDOT’s WordPress hosting packages include email hosting, allowing you to manage your website and email from a single platform.


WordPress hosting from FASTDOT provides a range of benefits tailored specifically for WordPress websites, from performance optimization and security to expert support and scalability. For web developers and server administrators, choosing the right WordPress hosting can significantly impact the success and performance of your clients’ websites. It’s important to select a hosting provider that aligns with your specific needs, offers reliable support, and maintains high standards of performance and security.

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Get Started with WordPress Hosting Today

WordPress can be installed instantly and for free using our 1-Click script installer:

Get Started with WordPress Web Hosting Today

What are the 10 great and free WordPress plugins?

Basically ree WordPress plugins can significantly enhance your website without adding extra costs. Here’s a list of 10 great free WordPress plugins that cover various functionalities from SEO to security, performance, and more:

1. Yoast SEO

  • Purpose: SEO Optimization
  • Features: Yoast SEO offers tools for improving your on-page SEO, generating XML sitemaps, and providing readability analysis to optimize your content for search engines.

2. WooCommerce

  • Purpose: E-commerce
  • Features: Transform your WordPress site into a fully functional e-commerce store, complete with product listings, shopping cart, checkout, and payment gateway integration.

3. Jetpack by WordPress

  • Purpose: Security, Performance, and Growth
  • Features: Jetpack offers features like site statistics, automated social media posting, downtime monitoring, and protection against brute force attacks.

4. Akismet Anti-Spam

  • Purpose: Spam Protection
  • Features: Akismet checks comments and contact form submissions against a global database of spam to prevent your site from publishing harmful content.

5. WP Fastest Cache

  • Purpose: Performance Optimization
  • Features: WP Cache generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog, improving your site’s performance and user experience.

6. Elementor Website Builder

  • Purpose: Page Building
  • Features: Elementor’s free version offers a powerful drag-and-drop page builder with various widgets and templates, enabling you to design beautiful pages.

7. Wordfence Security

  • Purpose: Security
  • Features: Includes a firewall and malware scanner designed specifically for WordPress, basically offering protection against hacking, malware, and other threats.

8. Contact Form 7

  • Purpose: Form Builder
  • Features: This plugin allows you to manage multiple contact forms, customize form fields, and handle mail content flexibly with simple markup.

9. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

  • Purpose: Backups
  • Features: UpdraftPlus simplifies backups and restoration. It allows you to back up your files and databases and restore them with a single click.

10. MonsterInsights – Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

  • Purpose: Analytics
  • Features: Connects your WordPress site with Google Analytics, enabling you to understand how visitors find and use your site, directly from your WordPress dashboard.

These free plugins provide a solid foundation for managing, securing, and optimizing your WordPress site. Plugins are widely used and trusted in the WordPress community, offering both reliability and robustness. As a website developer and server administrator, it’s important to regularly update these plugins and monitor their performance to ensure they continue to meet your site’s needs effectively.

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