Manage pages in WordPress

Manage pages in WordPress

This tutorial will show you how to manage pages in WordPress

Manage pages in WordPress

1) Click the Pages menu in the left sidebar.
Manage pages in WordPress

2) Click Add New.
Manage pages in WordPress

3) Enter a title for the new page.
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4) Enter the page content here. You can select the parent page, under Page Attributes. Click Publish when you are done.
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5) To view all of your pages, go to Pages, located in the left sidebar.
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6) Click the View link under New Page to view your page.
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The new page shows up in your site. Now, go back to the admin area.
WordPress Content Management System

7) To delete a page, click the Trash link.
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The page has been deleted.
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This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to manage pages in WordPress.

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