How to Forward Email in Outlook 2019

How to Forward Email in Outlook 2019

Forwarding an email in Microsoft Outlook 2019 is a common task in the realm of digital communication, particularly for professionals managing various aspects of online presence, such as website development and server administration. This feature is useful when you need to share information received in an email with other individuals. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to forward an email using Outlook 2019.

Steps to Forward an Email in Outlook 2019

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2019

  • Launch the Outlook 2019 application on your computer. Ensure you’re logged into the account from which you want to forward the email.

2. Locate the Email to be Forwarded

  • Navigate to your Inbox or the specific folder where the email is located.
  • Browse through your emails and click on the one you wish to forward. This will open the email in the reading pane.

3. Initiate Forwarding

  • With the email open, look for the ‘Forward’ button in the toolbar. This is usually represented by an arrow pointing right. Click on this button to create a new email message with the content of the selected email included.
  • Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F after selecting the email to quickly initiate forwarding.

4. Enter Recipient Details

  • In the ‘To’ field, enter the email address(es) of the recipient(s) to whom you want to forward the email. If forwarding to multiple recipients, separate each address with a semicolon.
  • You can also use the ‘Cc’ (Carbon Copy) and ‘Bcc’ (Blind Carbon Copy) fields if needed.

5. Add Your Message (Optional)

  • Above the forwarded message content, you have the option to type a message or comment. This is where you can add your own remarks or context to the forwarded email.

6. Edit the Subject Line (Optional)

  • The subject line of the email will be prefixed with “FW:” followed by the original subject. You can leave this as is or edit it to add clarity or context for the recipients.

7. Attachments

  • The forwarded email will include any attachments from the original message. Ensure these attachments are appropriate and necessary to share. You can remove them if they are not needed or add additional attachments if required.

8. Review and Send

  • Before sending, review the email to ensure that all information is correct and necessary. Check the recipient’s email addresses, your added message (if any), and attachments.
  • Once you are satisfied, click the ‘Send’ button to forward the email.

Additional Tips and Considerations

  • Email Etiquette: When forwarding emails, consider if the original sender intended the information to be shared. It’s good practice to respect the privacy and confidentiality of email correspondence.
  • Informing Recipients: It can be helpful to inform your recipients why they are receiving the forwarded email, especially if it’s not immediately obvious.
  • Managing Responses: Be aware that responses to the forwarded email might come back to you, not the original sender, unless the recipients manually change the reply-to address.
  • Organizing Emails: Use folders and categories in Outlook to keep your emails organized, especially if you forward emails frequently.


Forwarding an email in Outlook 2019 is a simple yet essential skill in professional email management. It allows for efficient sharing of information while maintaining the context of the original message. As a website developer and server administrator, mastering these email functionalities in Outlook can enhance your productivity and ensure smooth communication flows in your professional activities. Remember, the way you handle and forward emails can significantly impact your professional relationships and efficiency.

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