How to block emails containing the Stop word in DirectAdmin

How to block emails containing the Stop word in DirectAdmin

Blocking emails containing specific words or phrases, such as “Stop,” in DirectAdmin can be an effective way to manage unwanted emails or spam. DirectAdmin provides tools for setting up email filters that can help you control the flow of incoming mail based on certain criteria. Here’s how you can set up a filter to block emails containing the word “Stop” in DirectAdmin:

Accessing DirectAdmin

  1. Log in to DirectAdmin: Open your web browser, go to your DirectAdmin login URL, and log in with your username and password.

Setting Up an Email Filter

  1. Navigate to Email Management: Once logged in, look for the “E-Mail Manager” or a similar section. Click on it to access email management options.
  2. Email Filters: Find and click on the option for “Email Filters,” “Spam Filters,” or “Filtering,” depending on your DirectAdmin version and configuration.
  3. Create a New Filter: In the email filters section, look for an option to create a new filter. This might be a button or a link, often labeled “Create Filter,” “Add Filter,” or something similar.

Configuring the Filter

  1. Specify Filter Criteria:
    • Filter Type: Choose the type of filter. You’ll typically want to select something like “Body” or “Subject” to check for the presence of certain words in these parts of the email.
    • Condition: Set the condition to something like “contains” or “includes.”
    • Text to Filter: Enter “Stop” or any specific word/phrase you want to block.
  2. Define Filter Actions:
    • Decide what action to take when an email matches your filter criteria. You can usually choose to delete the message, move it to a specific folder, or forward it to another email address.
    • For blocking emails, you might choose to delete them or move them to a spam folder.
  3. Save the Filter: After setting up the criteria and action, save the new filter. Look for a “Save,” “Create,” or “Apply” button.

Testing the Filter

  1. Test the Filter: It’s a good idea to test the new filter to ensure it works as expected. Send a test email from a different email account with the word “Stop” in the body or subject line and see if it gets filtered according to your settings.

Additional Considerations

  • False Positives: Be cautious with word filters as they can sometimes catch legitimate emails (false positives). Regularly check your spam or trash folder if you’re using such filters.
  • Regular Updates: Update your filter criteria as needed, especially if you start receiving unwanted emails that bypass your current filters.
  • DirectAdmin Versions: The exact steps and the interface may vary slightly depending on the version of DirectAdmin and the skin/theme you are using.


Setting up an email filter in DirectAdmin to block emails containing specific words like “Stop” is a useful way to manage your inbox and reduce unwanted emails. Remember to periodically review and adjust your filters to ensure they remain effective and do not inadvertently block important emails. As a website developer and server administrator, such proactive management of email can significantly enhance your productivity and the overall efficiency of your email communication.


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