Create tasks in Horde

Create tasks in Horde

This tutorial will show you how to create tasks in Horde

Adding a task is equivalent to adding to a To Do list. It gives you a reminder of upcoming tasks

1) Click the Tasks icon in the top navigation bar.
Create tasks in Horde

2) This is the Tasks page where we can view both incomplete and complete tasks. Click the New Task icon.
Create tasks in Horde

3) This is the page where we can add a new task. Options for a task include category selection, a due date, an alarm, a priority level and a description. Let’s go ahead and add a new task. After giving the task a name, description and set the due date, click Save.
Create tasks in Horde

4) That’s it! The new task has been added and can be seen here.
Horde email

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to create tasks in Horde

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