Edit your admin settings in Gallery2

This tutorial will show you how to edit your admin settings in Gallery2

1) Click the Site Admin link here
Edit your admin settings in Gallery2

Now let’s learn how to edit the admin settings

2) We can change the default language for Gallery from here
Edit your admin settings in Gallery2

This is the Site Admin page where we can change various settings for our Admin account

For help on the various date and time display options, go to the php.net site by clicking here
Gallery Pictures

3) From here we can specify default permissions for files and directories that are created…

4) … and we can set the session lifetimes and inactivity timeout settings

5) … and we can change how dates and times are displayed in Gallery from here

6) If you want to use custom email settings instead of PHP’s built in mail function, you would enter those custom settings here
Gallery Hosting

7) Once you’re finished making changes to your Admin account, you must click Save here for those changes to take effect
Gallery Web

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to edit your Admin settings in Gallery

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