Add photos in Gallery2

Add photos in Gallery2

This tutorial will show you how to add photos in Gallery2

Now let’s learn how to add photos to an album

1) Click here to select from the album actions
Add photos in Gallery2

2) Then click Edit Album

3) Click Add Items
Add photos in Gallery2

4) Enter the file name of the photo you want to upload here, or simply use this Browse button to locate it
Add photos in Gallery2

5) Then enter a Caption for the photo
Gallery Pictures

Repeat the process if you want to upload more than one photo

6) When finished, click Add Items
Gallery Hosting

If you want to upload more than 2 photos at once, you can click the More Upload Boxes link

That’s it! We’ve successfully added two photos to the photo album
Gallery Web

Here we can see the pictures we added, along with their captions
Gallery Images Web Hosting

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to add photos to an album in Gallery

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