vRA Part-11: How to Create Business Groups in vRealize Automation

Business groups are used to associate a set of services and resources to a set of users. These groups often correspond to a line of business, department, or other organizational unit. In this post we will see on How to create business groups in vRealize Automation.

You create a business group so that you can configure reservations and entitle users to provision service catalog items for the business group members. After a tenant administrator creates the business group, the business group manager has permission to modify the manager email address and the members. The tenant administrator can modify all the options.

So let’s see How to create business group in vRA:

Step 1:
Login to vRA console as a Tenant Admin.
configure machine prefix in vRA

Step 2:
Go to Administration tab.
Expand Users & Groups.
Select Business Groups.
Click green plus icon to create new business group.

create business group in vra

Step 3:
Provide the Name & Description for the business group.
Provide the email id so that capacity alerts can be sent.
Click Next to continue.

create business group in vra

Step 4:
Add the members for the business group.
Add group manager , support members & users who will be part of the business group.
Click Next to continue.

create business group in vra

Step 5:
Set the machine prefix to be used by the business group.
Click Finish to create the Business group.

create business group in vra

As you can see that Business group is created successfully.

create business group in vra

That’s it, Using this way you can create business group and add members to the business group based on your requirements. You can assign machine prefix so that you

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