Nakivo VM Replication

Nakivo backup & replication supports backup of Virtual Machines running on physical or virtual infrastructure & it also supports replication of VMware Virtual machines where you can replicate vms to the remote location for disaster recovery solutions.

So how does Nakivo VM Replication work:

NAKIVO Backup & Replication’s VMware replication technology works with automatic VM snapshots, which are first created and then deleted automatically. It supports sparse, thin, thick, and flat VM disk types, and can replicate VMware VMs in any power state: on, off, or suspended.

The initial full replication creates a regular VM that is identical to the source VM. On subsequent job runs, It identifies changed data blocks of the source VM using the VMware CBT technology, which essentially provides information about data blocks that were changed since the last checkpoint. While all changes made since the last replication are sent to the target ESXi host and merged into the VM replica, the previous state of the VM replica is saved as a new recovery point, which is just a regular VM snapshot.

Key Features:

  • Recover from disaster in a few clicks with Site Recovery
  • Verify the validity of your replicas with screenshot-based reports
  • Configure policy-based replication to automate data protection
  • Speed up replication with advanced performance-boosting features
  • Replicate directly from backup to save time and offload production

NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers feature where you can automate VMware replication. You can set up policy-based replication jobs which protect VMs matching certain parameters (size, name, location, etc.). It scans your infrastructure for new VMs and automatically adds them to the relevant replication jobs if any are discovered. You can also replicate entire VMware containers (such as resource pools, folders, hosts, clusters, etc.) and have all the VMs in a container automatically included in the replication job.

With Nakivo VM Replication you can achieve lower RPO & RTO where you will have little to no data loss & you can decrease the recovery time significantly. So in case of disaster you will have your VMs replicated copy from where you can easily recover your virtual machines easily without any issues.

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Nakivo Backup & Replication