How to Install Windows Server 2019 Step by Step

Windows Server 2019 is the latest server edition from the Microsoft. Windows Server 2019 includes the many new features & functionalities from the older versions of windows servers. In this post we will see on How to Install Windows Server 2019 Step by Step.

Windows Server 2019 is built on the strong foundation of Windows Server 2016 and brings numerous innovations on four key themes: Hybrid Cloud, Security, Application Platform, and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI). Windows Server 2019 is the most feature advanced operating system till date.

Below are the some of the Key features of Windows Server 2019:

  • Windows Admin Center
  • System Insights
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • Security with Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Shielded Virtual Machines improvements
  • HTTP/2 for a faster and safer Web
  • Storage Migration Service
  • Storage Spaces Direct
  • Storage Replica
  • Failover Clustering with new features
  • Linux containers on Windows
  • Built-in Support for Kubernetes
  • Encrypted Networks

And many more.

You can see that there are many new functionalities & features are added to the latest version of Windows Server 2019. Which makes it the more useful & most advanced OS till now.

System requirements for Windows Server 2019 Installation:

  • CPU: 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
  • RAM: 512 MB (2 GB for Server with Desktop Experience installation option)
  • Disk: Minimum 32 GB
  • Network: Ethernet adapter capable of at least gigabit throughput
  • DVD Drive: DVD drive (if you intend to install the operating system from DVD media)
  • Keyboard & Mouse.

Above listed are minimum requirements for simple installation of Windows Server 2019. For production use cases you should have more resources for efficient use & best performance of Windows server 2019.

So let’s see How to Install Windows Server 2019 Step by Step:

Step 1:
Download the Windows Server 2019 ISO or You can purchase the Windows Server 2019 DVD.
Insert the DVD drive into the server.
Start the server.
You will see this first screen Press any key here to start the installation wizard.

Install Windows Server 2019

Step 2:
Choose language for your windows server 2019.
Choose Time & currency format for your windows server 2019.
Choose keyboard input for your windows server 2019.
Now you can click Next to continue.

Install Windows Server 2019

Step 3:
Click on “Install now” to continue the wizard.

Install Windows Server 2019

Step 4:
Here you will see the list of editions which you can install.
You can choose standard or datacenter based on your requirement.
To install GUI based edition please choose the Desktop Experience.
Click Next to continue.

Install Windows Server 2019

Step 5:
Read & accept the license agreement.
Click Next to continue.

Install Windows Server 2019

Step 6:
Here you will see 2 options for installation: Upgrade or Custom.
If you are upgrading your existing windows server than you can choose the Upgrade option.
We are only installing the windows server 2019 so select custom.

Install Windows Server 2019

Step 7:
Here you will see the disk which is available in your server.
You can create partitions by selecting disk & click on New button in the box.
If you don’t want to create any partitions than you can click on Next to continue.

Install Windows Server 2019

Step 8:
Once you click Next you will see that Installation of windows server 2019 has started.
It will take few minutes to complete according to your environment.

Install Windows Server 2019

Step 9:
You will see server is restarting once the installation is completed.
You will get the below screen to setup local administrator account password for windows server 2019.
This is the local administrator account in windows server 2019 so once you setup the password you will use the same password for login using local admin account.
Click Finish after entering the password.

Install Windows Server 2019

Now you will get the login screen of your windows server 2019.
You can login using local administrator account which password you have set in previous screen.

Install Windows Server 2019

That’s it, Using this way you can easily install windows server 2019 in your environment. Windows Server 2019 installation is same as the previous version of windows server installation. So if you have already installed windows server previously than you already know the steps.

This post is for the users who are installing Windows Server 2019 for the first time so that they can easily install the windows server.

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