Configure Server Settings in SMF

This tutorial will show you how to configure server settings in SMF

1) Go to the Admin panel.
Configure Server Settings in SMF

2) Click Server Settings.
Configure Server Settings in SMF

Unless you know your database settings have changed, you should leave this first set of options as it is.

If Maintenance Mode is enabled, users will not be able to view or login to the forums.

If you need to change the title of your forum or the webmaster’s email, you can do so here.
Configure Server Settings in SMF

If you ever want to move your forum to a different web host or domain name, you may need to update your Forum URL and SMF Directories. This is where you’d do that.
SMF Web Hosting

3) Click Save if you make any changes.

4) Go to Feature Configuration.
SMF Cloud Hosting

The first group of settings control how SMF sends mail. The defaults should work fine for most purposes.

To change the default amount of time that someone will stay logged in, use this field.
Simple Machine Forums

Turning on Use subdomain independent cookies will let your users remain logged in to your forum no matter which subdomain they use to access it.

The rest of these settings are fine left alone.
SMF Forum

5) Go to Caching.
SMF Forum Hosting

This tab allows you to adjust your SMF installation’s caching settings. Caching can help if you find that pages are loading slowly.
SMF Forum Cloud

This concludes the demonstration. You now know how to configure server settings in SMF.