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How to use the CMS in PrestaShop

The CMS or Content Management System in PrestaShop allows you to create custom pages for your site. 1) Go to Tools. 2) Click CMS. 3) Scroll down to the existing pages. 4) Click this icon next to a page to view it. This is what the page looks like on the site. 5) Click this

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Customer Management in PrestaShop

This tutorial will provide advice on customer management in PrestaShop 1) Go to Customers. 2) Click Groups. 3) To create a group, click Add New. 4) Type a Name for the group. 5) If you want this group to automatically receive a discount on all products in your store, enter a percentage here. 6) Click

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How to setup special promotions in PrestaShop

If you want to offer sales or coupons to your customers, you can create vouchers in PrestaShop. 1) Go to the Payment tab. 2) Click Vouchers. 3) Click Add New to create a new voucher. 4) Type the coupon code you want to use in the box or click this icon to generate a random

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