How to Register a new user account in Joomla

Registering a new user account on Joomla allows you to login giving you various levels of access depending on your user group access

1) Scroll if needed to access the Login module. Look for the Create an account link and click on it
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Scroll down to access the entire registration form

2) Click on the Name field to select it and enter your Name
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3) Next select the Username field and enter a username for your account
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4) Next select the Password field and enter a password for your account, then reenter it in the Comfirm Password field
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5) Now click on the Email Address field and enter your email address. Reenter the same address in the Confirm email Address field
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6) To process your registration, click on the Register button
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7) You will receive an email sent to the address you entered in your registration form. Click on that link or copy and paste into your browser URL

After entering your activation link you will see the following message and you can now log in to the Joomla website
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8) Scroll down to enter your new login credentials
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You now know how to register a user on a Joomla web site

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