Edit your Joomla user profile

Edit your Joomla user profile

This tutorial will show you how to edit your Joomla user profile

1) Scroll down if needed to the User Menu and click on the menu link to Edit My Profile
Edit your Joomla user profile

2) From the Edit Your Profile page scroll down to access all the fields in your profile

3) Here you can access details of your profile and edit them. Let’s click on the Name field and make changes
Edit your Joomla user profile

4) Now let’s select the Time zone field to change it to our own time zone
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5) Find your time zone and click to select it
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6) If the web site administrator has setup multiple language support, you can set your profile to one of these languages
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7) Click the Frontend language field and select a language
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8) Now click on the Submit button to save any changes you have made
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You now know how to edit your user profile in Joomla

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