Manage users in Gallery2

Manage users in Gallery2

This tutorial will show you how to manage users in Gallery2

1) Click the Site Admin link here
Manage users in Gallery2

Now let’s learn how to manage user accounts

2) Then click this Users link
Manage users in Gallery2

3) To create a new user, click Create User
Manage users in Gallery2

This is the User Management page where you can create, edit or delete users

4) Enter the details for the new user account
Gallery Cloud Hosting

5) When ready, click Create User
Gallery Photos

That’s it! Thew new user account has been created, as shown here
Gallery Pictures

6) To edit the account, you would click here

Let’s go ahead and delete the account we just created

7) Click Delete to confirm
Gallery Hosting

That’s it! The new user we created has now been deleted
Gallery Web

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to manage user accounts in Gallery

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