Manage Styles in phpBB

Manage Styles in phpBB

This tutorial will show you how to manage styles in phpBB

1) Click Styles
Manage Styles in phpBB

We can edit the look of phpBB from here. Let’s look at the different options available

2) Click Themes
Manage Styles in phpBB

On this page we can install, edit, and delete themes. Themes are a combination of colors, images, and styles that make up the look and feel of the forums
Manage Styles in phpBB

3) Click Imagesets

On this page we can view and modify our Image sets. This includes all images and buttons used on the site
phpBB Forum

4) Click Styles

This is the Styles page, Styles consist of a combination of a theme, and imageset. On this page we can activate, edit and delete our styles
phpBB Forum Cloud

Let’s activate a new style now

5) Click Activate

The new style has been activated, and is now available for selection by the users
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This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to manage styles in phpBB

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