Manage a forum in phpBB

Manage a forum in phpBB

This tutorial will show you how to manage a forum in phpBB

1) Click Forums
phpBB Forum Cloud Hosting

This is the Forum Administration page where we can add, edit, or delete forums and forum categories

2) Click on a category

3) To manage this forum, click the edit icon here
phpBB Forum

4) Now let’s change the name of the forum
phpBB Forum Cloud

We can edit the description of the forum here as well. Scroll down
phpBB Forum Web hosting

5) Click Submit
phpBB Forum Hosting

That’s it! The forum has been edited as we can see here
phpBB Forum Cloud Hosting

6) Now let’s delete the forum… click the delete icon here

7) Click Submit
phpBB Forum

The forum has now been deleted
phpBB Forum Cloud

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to manage a forum in phpBB

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