Edit photos in Gallery2

Edit photos in Gallery2

This tutorial will show you how to edit photos in Gallery2

Now let’s learn how to edit photos

1) Click here to select an album action
edit photos in Gallery2

2) Select Edit Album

3) Then click Vacation Pictures… which is the name of our album
edit photos in Gallery2

Let’s choose an item action

4) Click the Edit Photo action
edit photos in Gallery2

From here we can choose a wide variety of actions to perform on the photo
edit photos in Gallery2

5) Enter a new Title for the photo here
Gallery Web

We can edit all the details of our photo on this page

As you can see, this is also where we can password protect the photo, or adjust the size of its thumbnail
Gallery Images Web Hosting

6) When finished making changes, click Save
Gallery Cloud Hosting

That’s it! The changes have been saved successfully
Gallery Photos

7) Let’s return to the album main page… click Vacation Pictures

We can see the new title of our photo here
Gallery Pictures

You can also delete photos from the album from here… let’s demonstrate

8) Select Delete Photo
Gallery Hosting

9) Click Delete
Gallery Web

The photo has been deleted
Gallery Images Web Hosting

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to edit photos in Gallery

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