vRA Part-15: Catalog Management in vRealize Automation

Catalog management includes the creation of services, associating catalog items with services & configure the entitlements. In this post we will see on How to create service & how to configure Catalog items in vRealize Automation. Catalog Management in vRealize Automation.

A catalog item is a published blueprint that you can entitle to users. You use the catalog items options to change the status or associated service. You can also view the entitlements that include the selected catalog item. Only catalog items that are associated with a service and entitled to users appear in the service catalog. Catalog items can be associated with only one service.

Services are used to organize catalog items into related offerings so to make it easier for end users to browse catalog items they needed in an easier way. The published blueprints are assigned to users and groups through the catalog management components of the Service Catalog.

So let’s see Services, Catalog Items & how to set entitlements in vRealize Automation.

Step 1:
Login to vRealize Automation console.
Go to Administration tab.
Expand Catalog management & select services.
Click on green plus icon to create new service.

create service in vra

Step 2:
Provide the Name, Description & status of the service.
Click OK to create the service.

create service in vra

Step 3:
You can see that service is created & listed.

create service in vra

Now let’s see How to configure catalog items:
In Catalog items we will configure the catalog items with

Step 1:
Go to Catalog items.
Select your blueprint.
Click Configure.

configure catalog items in vra

Step 2:
Here you will see details of the blueprint.
You can set the Icon for the catalog items so that user can easily identify the catalog items when they are requesting.
Select the status as Active.
Select the service which we have created to assign to this catalog item.

configure catalog items in vra

Now we can see that catalog item is successfully configured & published.

configure catalog items in vra

So using this way you can create the service for your each blueprint & configure catalog items & associate it with the service you have created. In the Next part we will see on How to configure the entitlements.

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