Nakivo Native Backup to Tape

Tape is the very older way to store your backups for the longer time in every organization as it is low cost & very effective solution. Nakivo VM Backup & Replication supports the backup to tape & complete tape management. Nakivo solution enables end-to-end tape management, allows for fast recovery of data, and supports the creation of media pools across different tape libraries.

Key features of Nakivo Backup & Replication for Tape:

  • Supports for LTO3 & later tape libraries
  • Support for AWS Virtual Tape Library
  • Full & Incremental backup to tape
  • Full backup tape backup & cartridge management
  • Software & Hardware based compression
  • Policy Based Backup to Tape
  • Automated Backup to Tape
  • Schedule your Backup to Tape Jobs
  • Save Costs

And many more

So, as you have seen above that you can easily perform all the tape management functionality through Nakivo Backup. You can easily take your full as well as incremental vm backups directly on the Tape.

In case of multiple tape libraries, you can easily view the list & status of all the devices, It’s status & other details using the Nakivo Backup solution. You can also perform the cartridge management using the same.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication, you can organize discovered tape cartridges into media pools for specific business needs. The newly added tape cartridges can then be automatically added to the created media pool. This feature can further improve the management of your tape backups as you can set a specific media pool to be the target of your backup workflows.

You can also use the Policy based feature of Nakivo VM backup which allows you to set up policies that regularly scan your entire infrastructure and automatically write to tape the backups that match specific policy rules. These rules may be based on different criteria such as backup name and backup location.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication is an all-in-one data protection solution and it is a single point of control for all your data protection activities, including backup to tape.

For more information you can check on the official site of Nakivo: Nakivo Backup to Tape.