Iperius VM Backup Review

Iperius Backup is simple yet powerful data protection for your windows servers , VM environment & various production applications such as SQL, Exchange etc. So, you can easily take backup of your complete environment using Iperius backup.  It also works with the desktop OS such as Windows 10, so you can use Iperius Backup for your organization desktop computers.

Key Features of Iperius Backup:

  • Windows Server Backups
  • Compression & AES 256 Encryption support
  • Scheduling & Email notification
  • Unlimited Backup jobs, unlimited destination & source items.
  • Running External Scripts
  • Backup Protection from viruses
  • Backup to NAS, USB drives, FTP & cloud.
  • Tape Backup (DAT, LTO etc)
  • Backup of VMware & Hyper-V
  • Backup of Exchange & Office 365
  • Backup of SQL, Oracle, Maria DB, Postgre SQL
  • Disk drive Cloning & P2V

And many more

As you can see from the features above, Iperius provides the complete protection for your different environments. In this post we will see about how it supports the VMware environment & how it protects the VM environment.

Iperius allows you to take the backup of your virtual machines easily by adding & configuring vCenter or ESXi host into the Iperius backup solution. Iperius Backup supports VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT/VDDK) technologies, therefore enabling the incremental and differential backup of virtual machines and only carried out on the space occupied on the disks. This allows users to speed up the process and make the backup procedures more granular, while also reducing the space required. It is compatible with both vCenter and ESXi Free (vSphere Hypervisor).

Iperius Backup allows you to take backup of your virtual machines without any installation of Agents on your guest os, so you can easily configure your backup in Iperius & start taking backup of your virtual machines.

Features supported on VM environments:

  • Hot Backups of VMware & Hyper-V environments
  • VM replication from Host to Host & datastore to datastore
  • Incremental & differential backup
  • Restore of Individual files
  • Agent less Backups
  • Backup to Disk, NAS, Network, LTO Tape & Cloud
  • Compatible with latest version of vSphere
  • One license for unlimited hosts & VMs

How to Install Iperius Backup:

Iperius backup installation is very simple & can be done within minutes without any hassle. Below are the Installation steps

  1. Run the Installer
  2. Read & Accept the license agreement
  3. Specify location for installation
  4. Install the Iperius Backup
  5. Finish & launch the Iperius Backup console.

As you can see from steps above, Iperius Backup installation is very simple there is no additional software requirement for installation of Iperius Backup. Once the installation is completed you can launch the console of Iperius backup.

Below is the console of Iperius Backup after the installation.

Iperius VM Backup

This is the screen you will see everytime you open the Iperius Backup console. If you have configured any backup jobs previously, then they will be listed under the box, but we don’t have any jobs yet so it is showing a message for creating new backup.

Let’s see How to configure Backup:
For configuring the backup click on “Create new Backup” & you will see different Items which you can take backup of. Select the ESXi for VMware environment backup.

Iperius VM Backup

You need to add & configure the vCenter Server or ESXi to take the backup of your virtual machines. Once you add the vCenter Server you can see the list of your virtual machines & select the virtual machines which you want to take backup of. You can specify the backup mode choosing among standard full backup, Incremental & Replica.

You can configure destination directory and additional options such as quiesce the system, power off the vm before & after the backup & custom port (CBT).

Iperius VM Backup

Once you have configured VM environment vCenter server you will see the backup object in the list.

Now we will configure backup job related operations such as Destination for storing backups, Scheduling, Email notification & other options.

Iperius VM Backup

Click Next to configure the Destination where your backups will be stored. You can either use local system directory or you can use FTP, LTO Tape & cloud as well.

Iperius VM Backup

Click Next, here you can configure the schedule for your backup using various options such as weekly, monthly & each date & time.

Iperius VM Backup

Click Next, here you can configure various advanced options such as include system files, compression etc.

Iperius VM Backup

Click Next, here you can configure the Email notification so that once the backup job is completed you will be notified with an email. So, you can be assured that backup is working smoothly.

Iperius VM Backup

Clicking on Next, if you want to run any script before & after backup, you can configure it here.

Iperius VM Backup

Provide Job name , description & Review the configuration. Click OK to save the backup job.

Iperius VM Backup

Now you can see that Backup Job is configured successfully. If you want to add any vms or make any changes you can simply right click on job & select Edit to make changes.

You can run the backup directly by right clicking on the Job & select Run backup to start the backup of your VMs.

Iperius VM Backup

Once the Backup job is started you can see the status of your backup & the progress. Backup will take time based on the size of the VM and network speed.

Iperius VM Backup

You will also get notification mail as backup completed successfully on completion of successful backup.

Let’s see How to restore Full VM:

VM restore process is very simple. You can restore individual files or the full vm based on your requirement. To start the restore of the VM you can go to Restore Tab > Select the job > click on Restore of Virtual Machines.

Iperius VM Backup

Here you need to specify datastore on which VM will be restored & the folder containing the backup of VM.
Once you select the folder you will see the backups listed so click on the backup you want to restore and select Run restore.

Iperius VM Backup

Restoration may take time depending on your environment, size of the VM & network connectivity.

As you have seen that how easy it is to configure the backup & restore the backup of VMs using Iperius backup solution.

Iperius Backup comes with various license support based on your environment & requirement so you can choose the license which is required for you.

Iperius Backup also comes as Free but there are some limitations. If you have a VM environment, then you can go for Advanced VM license for complete VM protection or you can also go for the Full license which includes all the product features as well as VM environment.

Iperius also provides quantity discounts based on the discussion but for more information on licensing & pricing you can check the Iperius backup site.

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