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How to moderate a topic in SMF

To moderate a topic, you must have moderator or administrator priviledges. 1) Browse to any post. The moderator options are down here at the bottom of the page. 2) Let’s start by locking this topic. This topic is now locked, as indicated by the padlock icon here. Regular members will be unable to post in

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How to start a new topic in SMF

Let’s learn how to create a new topic in SMF. 1) Browse to any board. 2) Click New Topic. 3) Type a Subject. 4) Enter your content here. 5) You can insert an emoticon by clicking one from the list. It will be inserted as text wherever the cursor is placed and be converted to

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Backup a database in SMF

This tutorial will show you how to backup a database in SMF Keeping a backup of your database is important in case something happens to your forum or the server where it resides. 1) Go to Admin. 2) Click Forum Maintenance. 3) Check the items you want to backup. 4) Click Download. 5) Save the

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