A free shopping cart system. OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online e-commerce solution. Start an online store with OpenCart Web Hosting from Fastdot.


Add products in OpenCart

This tutorial will show you how to add products in OpenCart 1) Go to Catalog. 2) Click Products. 3) Click Insert to add a new product. 4) Enter the Product Name. 5) Type a description here. 6) Click Data. 7) Type the Model of the product. 8) Enter the Price. 9) Choose the Tax Class.

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Backup a database in OpenCart

This tutorial will show you how to backup a database in OpenCart It’s important to make regular backups of your site, so let’s learn how to do that now. 1) Go to System. 2) Click Backup / Restore. 3) Select the boxes next to each item you want to save and click Backup. 4) Choose

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How to install OpenCart

This tutorial will show you how to install OpenCart OpenCart is a free shopping cart system. Before you can begin installing it, you will need to go to 1) Click Download. 2) Click Download next to the version you want. Unless you need an older version for some reason, you should always download the

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