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Manage product reviews in OpenCart

This tutorial will show you how to manage product reviews in OpenCart Product reviews and ratings can help give your customers an idea of what people think of the product before buying. 1) To view all product reviews, go to Catalog. 2) Click Reviews. This list of reviews shows the product name, author, rating, and

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How to send and manage newsletters in OpenCart

OpenCart allows you to send out a newsletter to which your customers can choose to subscribe. 1) Go to Sales. 2) Click Mail. 3) Select the customer group that should receive a copy of this message. 4) Type the Subject. 5) Type the Message here. 6) Click Send. That’s it! Now you know how to

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Manage customers in OpenCart

This tutorial will show you how to manage customers in OpenCart 1) Go to Sales. 2) Then hover over Customers. 3) And click Customer Groups. 4) Click Insert to add a new group. 5) Type the Customer Group Name. 6) Click Save. 7) Now, go back to Sales. 8) Hover over Customers. 9) And click

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