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Fastdot’s cPanel Cloud Hosting solutions combine performance, security and reliability with the world-leading cPanel Control Panel to provide an unmatched hosting experience, whether you’re an SMB, designer or entrepreneur.

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Strategically located in four enterprise data centers around the world, Fastdot is among the first to deliver a truly "cloud based" cPanel hosting platform.
  • Oregon, USA
  • London, UK
cPanel allows you to manage all aspects of your web hosting environment with the click of a button; manage your emails anywhere in the world, check website stats, upload files and folders and more. Fastdot's cPanel Hosting is geared towards any type of user; whether you're a beginner looking to setup a few emails, a small business owner or designer looking to run an online store or personal blog, or an advanced user who requires root-like control with free SSH access.

Feature Highlights

  • File Manager
  • SSH Access
  • Website Stats
  • Email Management
  • Database Management
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Cost Effective

Fastdot's cPanel Cloud Hosting is extremely cost effective. We were able to drastically lower infrastructure and networking costs by leveraging cloud computing, which ultimately lowers your recurring costs.

Instantly Deploy your Apps

We pride ourselves on having one of the largest collections of apps to choose from and install in a matter of seconds, so you don't need to worry about manually installing anything! Our apps range from WordPress (a popular blogging platform) to Magento (a powerful ecommerce solution) to phpBB (an open-source forum solution)

Truly Cloud Based

Fastdot's product team have worked hard to deliver a truly cloud based cPanel platform. Leveraging four locations worldwide and combining compute, storage and infrastructure services from AWS (Amazon Web Services) and our own OnApp infrastucture, we were able to deliver a unique web-hosting solution that competes on a global scale. This means you have the ability to target your audience no matter where they are, without having to switch between other providers. Hundreds of other successful companies like Fastdot have leveraged cloud-computing, see it for yourself: