How to reset your user Password in Joomla

Joomla allows users that have lost or forgotten their passwords to reset them

Scroll down to view the links under the Login Form

1) Click on the Forgot your password link
Joomla Content Management System

Scroll down to view the entire password recovery form

2) Click the Email Address field and enter the email address associated with your account
Joomla Cloud

3) Now click the Submit button
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4) Joomla will send an email to the email address you entered that will contain a verification code. Enter your account username and the verification code from the email
Joomla CMS Hosting

5) Select the Verification Code field and paste the code from the email you previously received here

6) Next click on the Submit button
Joomla CMS Cloud

7) Now you can enter a new password
Joomla Content Management System

8) Reenter your password in the Confirm Password field
Joomla Cloud

9) Click on the Submit button to complete the process
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Now you know how to reset a lost or forgotten password in Joomla

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