Add membergroups in SMF

This tutorial will show you how to add membergroups in SMF

Membergroups can be assigned by an admin or rely on the number of posts a member has made. Let’s see how to manage them now.

1) Go to Admin.
add membergroups in SMF

2) Click Membergroups.
add membergroups in SMF

The Regular Groups in the top box can only be assigned by an admin.
add membergroups in SMF

3) Let’s add a new group.

4) Enter a Membergroup Name.
add membergroups in SMF

5) Since this is a post count based group, enter the number of posts required to achieve this title.
add membergroups in SMF

6) Select the boards this membergroup can view or Check All.
SMF Forum

7) Click Add Group.

After the group has been added, you will be taken to its edit page where there will be more options.
SMF Forum Hosting

8) Enter the number of star images this group should show.
SMF Forum Cloud

Notice you can upload any image to be used in place of the default yellow star.

9) Click Save.

Our new group shows up in the list below.
SMF Web Hosting

10) Let’s go to Settings.
SMF Forum Hosting

Here you can select which groups can also change membergroups aside from admin.
SMF Forum Cloud

That’s it! You now know how to add and edit membergroups in SMF.