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Apple Mail for cPanel

Apple Mail, also called Mac Mail, is the built-in email program that comes with your Mac OS X computer. This walkthrough will show you how to configure Apple Mail to work with your Jumpline cPanel email address. Materials You need to set up your email address in cPanel first. See the cPanel Quick Start Guide. Make

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Compare speed of VMware – Google Cloud Engine – Amazon EC2 VM

FASTDOT is using a few different infrastructures for our different markets. So we just wanted a quick check which one is faster on i/o speed. We simply tested the read and write speed of our Virtual Servers by checking the I/O speed. See below the surprising results:   Amazon EC2 VM – 44.3 MB/s  

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Powerful Email Copy-writing Techniques

Anyone who’s ever written a marketing email has asked themselves these questions: How do I get my subscribers to open this? How do I get them to take action? Did they even *see* me in their inbox? Not getting the results you’re after might make you want to visit your subscribers one-by-one and personally remind

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How to install Ghost on CentOS 6.x

This tutorial will guide you through installing the latest version of Ghost on a fresh CentOS VPS. Quick Note: While this tutorial is here to assist with installing Ghost on CentOS, we cannot provide development or configuration support. If you have any questions regarding Ghost, we recommend the Ghost forums. Tutorial Assumptions You have a

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Change your email password in ThunderBird

This tutorial will show you how to change your email password in ThunderBird Unlike other email clients, there is no direct way to change email passwords in Thunderbird. You have to delete the saved passwords and wait for the password prompt during the next email check. This demo assumes you’ve already opened ThunderBird. 1) Let’s

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Change the bell style and settings in PuTTY

This tutorial will show you how to change the bell style and settings in PuTTY A terminal bell is a sort of notification produced by an SSH server when some things happen or appear, such as an error message or global announcement By default, PuTTY will use the Windows system ding whenever it’s told to

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Change the appearance of PuTTY

This tutorial will show you how to change the appearance of PuTTY If you’re going to be using PuTTY a lot, you’ll probably want to customize its appearance to what you like best. PuTTY has a number of settings that allow you to do this 1) Once you have PuTTY open, load a session from

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Increase the scroll buffer size in PuTTY

This tutorial will show you how to increase the scroll buffer size in PuTTY You may have noticed that PuTTY does not allow you to scroll up very far This can become annoying when running programs that have lots of output you might need to scroll through and review Let’s look at an example We

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Copy and paste from PuTTY

This tutorial will show you how to copy and paste from PuTTY It may not be obvious to you, but it is possible to copy and paste to and from a PuTTY window. This tutorial will show you how to do that Copying and pasting in PuTTY is very easy, but different from the way it’s

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